Friday, June 5, 2009

Contemporary Art Nouveau Style Furniture

Before looking into the famous historical works of Art Nouveau, I'd like to give recognition to some artists working in the style today. Art Nouveau style is extravagant, so such objects are not the most economical. Yet some artists still are producing gorgeous work. When I had the opportunity to furnish a house some years ago,  it was difficult to find anything in the art nouveau style - I wound up buying reproductions, which are very nice indeed, but it's nice just to see beautiful original work. So here are some wonderful contemporary artists whose work is influenced by art nouveau, or that at least might fit into an art nouveau decor:

Erik Schjeide -

John Hein -

Paul Reiber -

(and the whole website has beautiful work)

William Doub -

Sam Maloof - there are several memorial sites for him, but none seem to have a good collection of his work.

The best way to see it for now seems to be to do a google image search for his name.

Martin Pierce -

Emily Kate's Sofa:

Some pieces by Roger Heitzman:

And here are two gorgeous pieces I found in a catalog, but I can't discover whether they are still being made (sadly):

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